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Our Business Procedures

Our Management Procedures The fast pace of developing infrastructure in Bahrain and the rapid introduction of technological advances are resulting in projects of ever-increasing magnitude and complexity. Hence, to achieve a successful and timely completion of such projects and still maintain profitability, skillful co-ordination of all construction operations is necessary. For managing and controlling the interfacing relationships among owners, architects, engineers, general and speciality subcontractors, manufacturers, material and equipment suppliers, government bodies and agencies and labour departments, the company has developed a system of modern construction management, some elements of which are briefly described in the section.


Prior to submitting tenders, detailed estimates of the various elements of work are prepared by the Estimating Department. The department is manned by experienced engineers, quantity surveyors and cost specialists. To be of value, an estimate must be based on a detailed mental picture of the entire operation and on exactly how the job is to be accomplished. Accordingly, the project manager, who will eventually be in charge of the job, usually participates in the preparation of the estimate.

Although estimates are prepared using data and information collected by the company from its prior experience, specialists in the Estimating Department keep continuous monitoring of new equipment, new construction methods and new cost saving techniques, as well as the particular requirement of each tender.

Budgeting and Cost Control

If the bid is successful and a contract is awarded the detailed estimate, the accompanying work schedule and plant with mobilisation planning will form the basis and framework for the project budget and cost control. Monthly progress and cost control keep the project manager and the Managing Office well informed of the direction the work is proceeding. Corrective measures, when required, are always made expeditiously.

Using predetermined target production rates for the controlling items of work, and the type, number and size of various units of construction plant and equipment needed to complete the work, project cost and planning engineers are able to maintain a tight control of the cost and progress of the project.


As soon as a contract is awarded, a work planning team is assigned full time to the project under the Project Manager. Senior engineers from building construction, temporary structures, electrical, mechanical and programming departments are assigned to the project during mobilization. The team headed by the Project Manager is commissioned to prepare detailed programs of work including: personnel and material requirements, construction equipment, manpower and cash flow, site installation drawings, temporary camp installation, setting up project offices, preparing list of recommended tools for Engineering and PMV workshops, budget requirements, purchase orders and other miscellaneous services.


Control of the time element is an important ingredient of construction management as in the control of labor and materials. As the construction projects HCC has undertaken became large and complex, formalized advanced programming and scheduling became necessary. Because the labor and material components of the scope of work are relatively known and fixed, skillful utilization of the time element offered the greatest opportunity to gain the competitive advantage it now has.

Senior HCC management places tremendous importance on the completion of its commitments on or ahead of the time scheduled, in order to fulfill clientís requirements to their entire satisfaction.

For large and complex projects, CPM schedules and networks are prepared and these also assist in deciding what portions of the work may be subcontracted.

As the work proceeds, progress reports are prepared not only for the clientís information, but to aid the project management in evaluating project status, and allowing the taking of early remedial actions when these appear necessary.

Quality Control

Product quality and hence client satisfaction are of the utmost importance to HAFEERA and its management.

The quality control department develops the quality control program to meet the construction specifications and drawings for various activities of the project, including concreting operations, reinforcement placement, pipe installation, welding, coating, insulation, paint, etc.

Project Managers are responsible for the management and technical direction of assigned projects, and for assuring that construction crews are provided with appropriate personnel and are following the prescribed practices and procedures in the conduct of construction activities.

Formal quality verification is the responsibility of the Project Quality Control Personnel who directly report to the Project Manager.

The project quality control engineer is responsible for :
a) preparing and maintaining standard construction quality control procedures.
b) reviewing and approving all special project, quality control procedures and instructions.
c) hiring, assigning and directing quality control engineers for the project.

Computer Usage

With the rapid growth of HAFEERA over the past years, and due to the ever-increasing magnitude and complexity of the projects it is now constructing, computer usage was introduced where needed to assist in planning and cost control. These systems are continually updated to take advantage of the latest developments in this field.

Currently, computerised programs are being used for scheduling (CPM network analysis) and cost records, including job costing budgetary control, accounting and personnel.

HAFEERA owns 15 Personal Computers, 15 Printers and 5 Photocopiers.


Construction is a hazardous and risky undertaking. The consequences of construction accidents impose on the contractors a tremendous burden of needless financial loss. Accordingly, a large effort is put in training programs, identifying specific job hazards, and in educating the employees to conduct their work within established safety regulations and contract safety requirements.

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